Writing Prompt Wednesday #1


Happy Halloween!

Hello, everyone! I’m starting a recurring post where every Wednesday I give a writing prompt and include my short snippet in response to it as well. Admittedly, this is going up rather late, but next time I will have one prepared ahead of time. I hope to see you share your writings in the comments. Share if you are comfortable and be sure to check back each Wednesday for a new prompt.

In honor of the holiday, I’m going to make the writing prompt a little spooky…

Prompt: She could hear her heartbeat pounding in her ears, but she didn’t dare look back…


The Mistfell Monsters

She could hear her heartbeat pounding in her ears, but she didn’t dare look back. Looking back was for stupid characters in horror movies who inevitably trip and fall victim to the guy in the mask. But this wasn’t a movie, and the thing pursuing Natalie wasn’t some psycho with a chainsaw. In fact, she didn’t know what it was, but she knew that looking back was certain death. She could practically feel it reaching out to catch the hem of her dress.

Her footfall sounded like thunderclaps in the vacant hallways as she darted past familiar lockers and classrooms, desperate to think of exits that wouldn’t be locked. Tearing around a corner, she fought to scream for help from everyone in the gymnasium at the end of the hall, but the cheers from everyone inside drowned out her feeble attempt. The Mistfell High Giants must have scored. Go team, she thought weakly, just before making the decision that might kill them all.

Hoping the creature chasing her would be drawn to the echoing cheers coming from behind the double doors, Natalie ducked into a classroom moments before the beast clawed around the corner after her. Gasping for air she ran to the front of the room and crawled under the teacher’s heavy wooden desk. Holding her breath, she listened. Scratches at the door.

No no no. She couldn’t breathe. Tears sprung from her eyes as she heard the door handle start to turn.



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